Golden Time

Golden Time photo
An example of how Golden Time minutes are displayed within the classrooms.

Golden Time is enjoyed by the children in every class and is used across the school as an incentive for both hard work and good behaviour.

In Lower School, children follow the Golden Rules and are rewarded with Golden Time where they are allowed to play with special toys and games and take part in Golden Time activities.

In Upper School, children start each week with a number of Golden Minutes, which can be added to for positive reasons. Golden minutes can also be lost if a child makes the wrong choice.

At the end of the week, all children enjoy their golden minutes in a variety of ways. It might be spent as an extra play time, in the ICT suite, roller skating, playing on their Nintendo DS, playing football, basketball, netball, 4-square…  whatever the child chooses as their reward for their week’s hard work. It works really well and is thoroughly enjoyed by all the children.