Update following OFSTED INSPECTION REPORT 2014

Dear Parents,

We would both like to say a huge thank you for the tremendous support during the recent OFSTED inspection.

Your input via the OFSTED ‘Parent View’ portal showed the inspection team your positive views regarding your children’s education in terms of happiness, safety, care, teaching and progress. A summary of your responses is also attached in case you haven’t seen it.

We are very pleased that the report recognises that we are a welcoming community where children feel happy and safe. The report identifies inclusion as an important strength of the school along with many other areas, including attendance, support from parents, behaviour, the Hearing

Resource Base, sport and PE, the curriculum, the Early Years Foundation Stage and the learning environment.

The report also clearly shows where the inspection team feel we need to make improvements and we have already been working on these specific areas for the past twelve months to ensure those improvements are implemented swiftly.

The majority of the OFSTED areas for improvement were based on data from previous years and was heavily weighted on our SATs results in Y6 and Y2 from 2012-13. The Headteacher, staff and Governors have been working closely together throughout this year to address the issues identified from last year and continue to provide a singular focus on raising levels of attainment and progress for all our children in reading, writing and maths. School data is reported to governors every term, at which time interventions are monitored for their impact and modified if necessary. We set ambitious targets for all the children and know we are well along the path towards achieving these.

We are saddened that our inspection team did not seem willing to take account of the improvements we have implemented and the growing evidence we have gathered in the 2013-14 academic year to prove it. We are disappointed that our visitors did not recognise the breadth of what we are about at Wessex. Our vision and what we are aiming to achieve with and for our children was, we feel, an opportunity missed on their part.

That said, we encourage you to read the full report and recognise the many positives points made.

Further copies are available on the school website and from the school office.

Everyone at Wessex will continue to strive to fully implement any recommendations made in the report to further the positive progress we have already achieved. To play your part, find out more and address any questions you may have, we have arranged an informal gathering of parents, governors and staff on Thursday 26th June at 7pm in the Upper School hall. A DVD will be available so children are welcome if you have any difficulties with child care.

Yours sincerely

Mr Nick Stevens