Packed Lunches
If your child is bringing packed lunch into school please provide them with a healthy lunch including something filling, healthy and also a drink of water, milk or fruit juice.

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    Any items that need to be delivered to children during the school day should be clearly named and dropped in to the school office. We will ensure that items and children are reunited from there.
  • We have an increasing number of children who have nut allergies. Some of these are life-threatening allergies. Therefore, we have been advised that we should become a ‘nut free school’. This would include peanut butter and Nutella spread. We are asking parents, children and staff to help us to protect these children by not bringing any of these products into school.

Hot Dinners
Lunch is an important meal of the day. Why not take advantage of our varied  Menu in house catering from Cater Link.

  • Free for all Lower School children
  • £2.20* for all Upper School children via Scopay
    *Free for all eligible children

Every child that requires a hot school meal will have to use the online ordering facility. If you have a child in Y3 to Y6 you will have to order and pay in advance for a hot meal. Please note children who are in Reception to Y2 will only have to order a hot meal (if your child requires a hot lunch) as the government pays for your child’s meals.

Please go through the weekly menus with your child and choose the options they want and more importantly, what they like to eat, so this will enable the kitchen to order the correct amount of food and to stop wastage.

Please note you must have a positive balance on your account in order to book a school lunch.