Why do we need the PTA?

Lower School Play Area, Outdoor spacesThe Wessex Primary School PTA (Parent Teachers Association) exists to raise money for the school’s “little extras”.

In the recent past PTA-raised money has funded:

  • Part of the new double decker bus fund
  • The Playground Fort
  • Artist visits to school
  • Pantomimes
  • Class Christmas gifts
  • School trips
  • PE equipment
  • Football kit for school team
  • Ice lollies at sports day
  • Visualisers for use in classrooms (sophisticated projectors)
  • Garden improvements and play equipment in the nursery
  • Part of the Playground Makeover project
  • A fully equiped kitchen in Lower School
  • Golden time games / activities for all year groups
  • Year 6 Leavers Party & activities
  • Traversing wall

Every parent/guardian of a pupil is automatically a member of the PTA. There is also a PTA Committee which organises and runs events. Any parent/guardian/teacher can join the Committee.

The Wessex Primary School PTA is a registered charity – charity number 1041997.