Corporate grant buys new Sports Kits

At Sports Day you may have noticed the smart kits sported by our Y6 Sports Leaders.

We have recently been lucky enough to also acquire two full sets for both Lower School and Upper School teams, that they can wear when representing Wessex in tournaments and matches with other schools.

CGIThese were made possible by a grant from CGI, a global IT consultancy, via an application from one of our parents who works there.

We hugely appreciate any effort that goes into these kind of applications as they can make a big difference to how the rest of our budgets are spent within the school.  Please check with your employers as to whether they run similar charitable schemes.

We would also like to thanks Goyals who gave a generous discount enabling us to purchase 2 full sets of kit.

As well as grants for specific purposes, many employers will also partake in Employee Matched Funding schemes.

Here’s a quote taken from website:

‘We were approached by a parent who works for a company offering match funding for their employees – up to £6,000 per year… Her company match funds against the overall amount raised at an event. There was one form to fill in…. This year alone, we have raised an additional £2,900 in match funding for just two events!’

PTA Committee Changeover

With the PTA AGM coming up next Tuesday 16th July, the time has come for a new team to step forward into the core roles of the committee.

The school would like to hugely thank Cath Todd, Gemma Hing, Joanne Edwards, Sara Berloth and Sophie Adams – 4 of which are stepping down from their positions. The effort they’ve put into the last 2 years has been incredible. None of the PTA events would have happened with their organisation, time and enthusiasm, making Wessex the friendly community school that it is.

Parents or Grandparents, individually or paired up, please don’t be shy – the school needs you!!!


If you’re interested but unsure, or would just like to know more, please feel free to contact any of the above names who would be more than happy to have an informal chat.  You can also read more about the different roles in the link below.

Cath and Gemma will also still be around to support the new Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Officers, all of which can be shared positions if preferred.

Joanne  is happy to continue the amazing work she’s done as Treasurer this year, but would also welcome extra support to share the role if anyone else would like to join her.

Fi Hart will continue support on the side with online communications and posters etc. where needed.

The Class Reps will also continue to be a vital link between the PTA and all other parents but we desperately need volunteers to come forward to take over the Core Roles for the crucial key organisation and delegation to make it all happen.
Many thanks.

PTA AGM Tues 16th July 6:30pm

ALL WELCOME – AGM on Tuesday 16th July, starts 6.30pm.
Drinks and nibbles will be provided.

As well as a chance to hear and see how the funds you have helped to raise have been used for the benefit of the children at our school, the AGM is also an opportunity for you to elect the PTA Committee to represent the association throughout the forthcoming academic year. Nominations should be sent in advance of the AGM.
For existing committee members willing to stand for re-election and for anyone wishing to stand as an Officer or Ordinary Committee Member for the first time, please return the attached slip as soon as possible via the school office.

Some current committee members are stepping down and the positions of Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary will be vacant.
All positions can be shared.

Fireworks – Fri 2nd Nov

PTA Cinema Showtime – Fri 5th Oct

The PTA are holding a film night on Friday 5th October and there will be a choice of either The Garfield Movie or Madagascar.

Tickets are £3 and are available to buy on Scopay.  The children will be given fruit and biscuits.  Please send in a water bottle and a healthy snack if you wish, but no sweets please.  The films will be shown straight after school and children should be collected at 5pm.

Tickets are limited so don’t miss out!

Kind Regards


Garfield Movie
Garfield Movie
Madagascar Movie
Madagascar Movie